Thank you for your interest in Neptune Sailing Club. Our membership is capped at 85 families and we currently have a waiting list. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about Neptune Sailing Club.


Neptune Sailing Club is the Northwest’s oldest and most affordable family day-sailing club. A membership in the club includes the following benefits:


  • Unlimited use of the club boats, facilities, and equipment, on a first-come, first-served basis, 365 days a year. Members wishing to sail, simply go to our excellent facilities Kirkland Yacht Club Marina and, if a boat is available, sign out in the log, rig and use the boat as if it were their own. If all boats are out – a rare occurrence – a first-up waiting system is available to guarantee that you will be the next to use the boat when it returns. Members are welcome to invite guests to sail with them.
  • A fleet of modern, high-performance sailing craft which includes:
    • Two Catalina 22s – ideal for safe, comfortable family outings;
    •  Two J-22s – rigged for racing and spinnaker sailing.
  • Racing training and racing opportunities. Many of our members are avid racers who enjoy initiating newcomers into the excitement of sailboat racing. For years they have competed successfully in their class in the Anthony’s Homeport Racing Series, and they frequently participate in races sponsored in the Puget Sound.
  • A limited total membership. To ensure availability of club boats and to maintain a high quality membership experience, the club limits its size to no more than 85 memberships.
  • A voice in club operations. Each membership is entitled to a vote at all club meetings and to participate in electing club officers and determining club policy, including issues such as dues structure, what new boats to purchase, and what activities to promote.
  • A chance to help develop and participate in other club activities.

All of these benefits are available for a one-time initiation fee and annual dues, you never need to worry about moorage fees, insurance, maintenance fees, or charter or hourly rates.

There is no less expensive, high-quality day-sailing opportunity available in the Seattle area.

Contact us for more information.


Article in Seattle Times May 2006

Seattle Time Article Mark Harrison Photo Credit
Photo Credit:  Mark Harrison, Seattle Times