About Neptune Sailing

What We Are

Neptune provides low cost sailing.

Neptune Sailing Club is truly a club. We depend upon club members to take care of our boats, and to help maintain them. All club members are welcome at our elected Board of Directors meetings and important decisions must be ratified by a vote of the general membership – a decision to raise dues, for example, requires a membership vote.

Neptune has policies that assure good accessibility to boats. Neptune maintains a membership cap of 85, and will not raise it without a club membership vote. A boat may only be checked out for a period of 3 hours at a time. Over the years these two policies have meant that members rarely, if ever, find that there is no boat available when they want to sail, even on holiday weekends in the summer.

Neptune Sailing Club places great emphasis on training and instruction. In fact, training for one family member is included when you join the Club.

Our fleet is owned free and clear by the Club. There is no mortgage on our boats. Currently our fleet consists of two J-22s and two Catalina 22s. The J-22s are our racing boats, and they are outfitted with spinnaker sails and equipment.


What We are Not

Neptune Sailing Club is not a for-profit enterprise. Neptune Sailing Club is not a commercial operation. We are incorporated as a non-profit corporation whose sole purpose is to provide sailing services to its members. We do not rent boats. We do not offer overnight sailing services. We do not raise fees without approval of the membership. We do not plan to grow in size or increase the cost of services to our members.