Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please browse our FAQs.

We generally take new members in the Spring.

Our instructional program involves a minimum of 21 hours of instruction—six in an evening lecture/discussion format and at least 15 hours on-the-water.  Additional sessions may be scheduled when weather or other conditions prevent adequate practice. Supervised practice outside scheduled class meetings is often available depending on mutually available schedules of new members and volunteer club trainers.

Given that much of the instructional program is carried out by existing members who volunteer their time, we will  offer only one class for new members.  This year, the lessons will start early in May.   Lecture sessions are usually scheduled from 7-9 p.m. on a weekday evening and on-the-water sessions are held on Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. until about 12:30 p.m.

I already know how to sail. Do I still need to take the class?

New members who are experienced and who have developed advanced sailing skills may be able to obtain club certification by demonstrating their on-the-water skills and taking a written test.

Can my spouse and kids take the course too?

Your designated family member is given priority in filling a session. We limit the size of each class to 12 students to assure that each student gets adequate “tiller time” and individualized supervision. Training for one family member is included when you join the Club. Additional family members may audit the lecture portion of the class. However, we focus our training efforts on one member of each family so that we can complete certification quickly and new members can start enjoying the benefits of club sailing.

We will limit class size to twelve new members per session so that we have no more than three trainees per boat and instructor.  When space is available, we may allow spouses and/or mature children but primary practice time will be reserved for the member who expects to be certified first. Additional family members are not eligible for certification without prior approval from the Instructor.

Who is Enrolled?

During the Membership Registration process, one family member will automatically be enrolled.

What Kind of Certification Do I Receive?

Although Neptune’s lead instructors are Coast Guard and ASA certified, the sailing classes are not intended for general sailing certification. Our training focuses on information specific to the Club’s rules, relevant federal and local regulations, boat handling and sailing area. At the successful conclusion of the course you will receive a Club Certification Card enabling you to take out Club boats and use Club facilities without supervision.

When there is sufficient interest among members, the Club does occasionally offer advanced courses for ASA certification.  Go here (American Sailing Association Certification information) for more information.


What Does it Cost to Get Certified?

Sailing classes and training materials for one family member is included as part of the Initiation.

Okay, what about that Initiation Fee?

Our membership initiation fee helps fund member services and, importantly, new boat purchases. Our low-cost, member-participation approach towards maintenance has been so successful over the last few years that we were able to upgrade our fleet in 2003 with the purchase of two new J/22s and a brand new Catalina 22 in 2008.