Neptune Racing Schedule 2016

Subject: Neptune Sailing: Racing opportunities

Neptune participates in 3 levels of racing:
Wednesday nights: self-organized, non-sanctioned practice. Sometimes it is just Neptune boats but often private boats join. This year we expect both the UW and Seattle Yacht Club to participate.
Friday nights: Organized race (one per Friday) from Carillion Point with sponsors.
One-off races on Lake Washington: Mark Mayer, Moonlight, Nelson Point, North Point sponsored by SYC, CYC, etc.

Friday nights are still defying convention and happening again. For you old timers, Anthony’s is not involved. Start/Finish/Party all happen at Carillon Point. There is a web site with more information here and on Facebook, search Kirkland Summer Sailing Series.

Single events
Neptune has participated in other LW races but most are cancelled this year because of 520 construction. When the bridge is completed we will begin again.

This year we will try to start earlier than June. May 20th may be our 1st race.
On Wednesday nights we try to make sure that every member that shows up gets to work in every position for at least one race, including driving. This differs from PHRF on Friday nights or other real races – at those there are big boats and the corresponding complexity, skill sets needed and extra liability for the Club.
So Wednesdays are the best time to practice old skills and learn new ones.
Despite this, Wednesdays are pretty competitive, we try to run lots of short races so you might be sore the next morning from the workout. We set the race course ourselves and it will probably be just off Evergreen Point.

We would like to leave the dock by 6:30p on Wednesdays. I know traffic and parking can be an issue so we might have one boat set the course early while the other gather later crew.

How to participate
• A sign-up sheet will be posted in the Cave. These are to help us gauge interest, participation and allocate members to boats. We appreciate it if you sign up but it is not required. And signing up does not guarantee you a spot either if we have lots of member show up at the docks before you (very rarely happens)
• We also communicate by text. This seems to be the most reliable way for the day before and the day of races.

Dan Thrush and I will be the coordinators in the early part of the season. PLEASE CHECK the Club MEETUP page for more contact information.

Dan Mathews
Racing Co-chair
Neptune Sailing Club